Station Day Sch Arr Sch Dep Distance State
1. VRINDAVAN(BDB) 1 SRC 09:40 0 Uttar Pradesh 281121
2. MASANI(MSE) 1 09:52 09:53 8 Uttar Pradesh 281003
3. SRI KRISHNA JANAM ST(SKJS) 1 09:58 09:59 12
4. MATHURA JN(MTJ) 1 10:15 DSTN 14 Maharashtra 411027
About Train Schedule Service  

Train Schedule is a service to find schedule/route of desired train.

Steps to check Schedule/Route of trains:-
  • Step-1. Go to the link
  • Step-2 In the provided input box, you need to type your Train Number or Train Name also you can select from suggestion which will shows after entering 2 characters.
  • Step-3 After filling all information click on 'Go' button.
  • Step-4 Here you go.Now you are able to see Train Schedule/Route of provided train information.

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